1.1 To ensure that the product is shipped and delivered to you, we collaborate with outside logistic service providers (referred to as "Logistic Partners”). An approximate delivery window, ranging from two to seven days, will be given to you for the product you bought from the Upmarkt Platform. When we confirm the order, we will notify the user of this expected timeline on the order confirmation page. Additionally, we will send information about your orders to the email address and/or cellphone number you registered with us, as well as the number you gave. You acknowledge and agree that even while we use our logistic partners to deliver products to users, we still retain the right to ship and deliver the products on our own without engaging any logistic partners or third party service providers.

1.2 While we try our best to deliver our products throughout India, there might be some places where we are unable to offer delivery services. We would like you to be informed of this. We, together with our logistic partners, will not be able to ship and deliver our products to you if your location happens to be in one of these locations. We might therefore be unable to handle your orders on the Upmarkt Platform. But don't worry, when you place an order for our products on the Upmarkt Platform, we'll notify you if we find that your area is unserviceable. Simply enter the required pin code on the Upmarkt Platform to double-check if your area is unserviceable for deliveries, and we'll verify it for you.

1.3 You understand and agree that we may ask for or gather certain information, such as your name, shipping and billing addresses, location, contact information, etc., in order to ensure prompt delivery of the products you have purchased. You are responsible for making sure that all of the information you provide to us on the Upmarkt Platform is accurate, true, comprehensive, and sufficient to pinpoint the precise delivery location. You acknowledge that should we be unable to deliver the Products you have ordered because you did not supply correct, full, sufficient, and accurate information at the time of ordering, you will be solely responsible. It is also made clear that we won't be held accountable for your failure in any way or at any time to provide correct and complete information.

1.4 You understand that in order for us to deliver the purchased products to you on time, we may need to get certain information from you, such as your name, shipping and billing addresses, contact information, and landmarks. It is your responsibility to guarantee that all the information you provide us on the Upmarkt Platform is correct, truthful, and sufficient to pinpoint the precise delivery location. You acknowledge that should we fail to deliver the purchased products as a result of your failure to submit accurate, full, adequate, and correct information at the time of order placement, you will be solely responsible. It is additionally stated that in the event of your failure, we will not be held responsible in any way or at any time.

1.5 While we make reasonable endeavours in ensuring that purchased Products are delivered to you in a timely manner and within the timeline notified to you, you accept and acknowledge that the delivery may be delayed on account of:

  1. Logistical issues beyond our control;
  2. Unsuitable weather conditions;
  3. Political disruptions, strikes, employee-lockouts, etc.;
  4. Acts of God such as floods, earthquakes, etc.;
  5. Other unforeseeable circumstances.

We will try our best to notify you in writing via your registered email address and/or mobile number in the event of such a delay. We release ourselves from all liability resulting from our inability to advise you of any delays in the delivery of products you have ordered through the Upmarkt Platform. Additionally, we won't be responsible for paying you for any claims that might otherwise surface due to a delay in the shipment, delivery, or usage of the products you bought.

1.6 We make an effort to treat logistic partners, staff members, and agents with the utmost respect for morality and honesty, and to conduct ourselves in a way that radiates competence, comprehensive professionalism, and politeness. You understand and accept that we are unable to keep an eye on every delivery executive and that we have no control over the decisions or behaviours of delivery personnel. We are not responsible for any acts or omissions by our delivery agents, employees, or personnel, or by the logistic partner or their employees, agents, or personnel, as we are only facilitating the delivery of the product that you have purchased. This includes any service deficiencies, incorrect product deliveries, product package tampering, etc. For the sake of complete clarity, it is stated that any rudeness, incivility, or offensive behaviour displayed by our delivery executives or the staff, agents, or employees of the logistic partners is outside of our control, and that you will be responsible for resolving any disputes that may arise between you and our delivery executive or any staff, agents, or employees of the logistic partner. You understand and agree that you will not hold us accountable for any disagreements between you and the delivery staff who are delivering the Products to you, nor will you need us to arbitrate, mediate, or settle them for you.

1.7 After you place an order on the Upmarkt Platform, we handle it and give our logistic partner the purchased item. Once the purchased product is transferred to the logistics partner, the user will obtain a unique tracking identity number that will allow them to monitor the progress of the product's delivery. The Upmarkt Platform, the Logistic Partner's website, mobile application, or tracking identity number can all be used by the User to track the whereabouts and projected delivery time of the ordered product. In addition to working with the logistic partners to guarantee that the products are delivered to you as soon as possible, our customer care team also makes every effort to ensure that the logistic partners are updating the tracking status of the products you have ordered in real-time. It is made clear that we use third-party service providers to carry out product deliveries; as a result, we cannot guarantee the tracking status's accuracy or correctness, and it may exhibit irregularities due to delays in updating the data or other uncontrollable technical issues.

1.8 We maintain the right to occasionally impose or collect shipping costs on Products. The cost of shipping may differ depending on the product's value, kind, delivery location, mode of payment, etc. You acknowledge that we have the right to retrieve the shipping and delivery charges for the delivery service that the logistic partner has supplied on the partner's behalf. If we have to charge shipping for delivering a product you have purchased, we will not reimburse you for those costs in the event that you request a return. But, in the unlikely event that a faulty, damaged, insufficient, or inaccurate Product (for reasons attributable to, and acknowledged by us after proper verification in our sole discretion) has been delivered, we may make an exception and reimburse the shipping costs. You understand and agree that when the purchased products are delivered to you, ownership and risk of all the products you ordered will transfer to you.

1.9 Products can be returned with ease thanks to our reverse logistics partners. Our reverse logistics partners will contact you to arrange for the collection of the products you have purchased from you after receiving a request to return an item that you have purchased on the Upmarkt Platform and having our acknowledgment of the request fulfilled.