Return Details

Time Frame for Cancellation of Orders:

If you change your mind after placing an order, you have seven days (07) from the order confirmation to cancel the entire order or a portion of it, whichever comes first.

Cancellation Fee/Charges:

A 2.5% cancellation fee will be applied to the total amount you paid when processing the refund. Any cashback earned on the order will be deducted from the total amount paid prior to the cancellation. If the same cashback has been used in full or in part to place another order, the cashback value will be deducted from the refund for the returned item.

Time Frame for Return of Items:

Within 07 (seven) days of the item being delivered to you, you have the option to return it. Requests for returns are not accepted after 07 (seven) days have passed since the delivery date.

Eligible Items for Return:

  • Damaged: 1. If the product delivered to you is broken. 2. In the case of minor damage (like chip-off/scratch/peel-off, torn stitches on upholstery or carpets), customers can choose not to return the item and instead request a carpenter service from upmarkt to fix the damage.
  • Defective: If the product provided to you is faulty. A manufacturing error that prevents the product from being used as intended is known as a fault (e.g., imbalance, wooden joints opening, etc.). Please note that appearance or texture variations that are inherent to the material used (particularly in solid wood goods) are not faults.
  • Difference: If the item you receive differs (in size, shape, or color) from the image of the item on our website.
  • Missing: If there are parts missing from the product that was delivered to you.
  • Not functional: If the product that was shipped to you was inoperable when it was received, this could happen with battery-operated or electrically powered devices.

Refund Details

(a) You can request a refund for the product at the time you file a return request or cancel your order on the Upmarkt Platform. You won't get this kind of refund until we've received payment for the product.

(b) Please be aware that if you choose to cancel or return the products, the refund amount for any products that qualify for a return under the terms of this policy will be processed seven (seven) business days after we verify the defect or non-compliance. This will happen after we have verified and evaluated the products and the related documents. Your refund will only be processed once the requirements specified by us are met. These requirements include returning the product in its original packaging, with the price tag still attached, and with all accessories still in their original packaging. For the avoidance of doubt, it is made clear that we will not issue a refund for any Product that our verification and assessment determines is not entitled for one. The original payment method that you used will receive credit for the refund amount. You understand that the terms and conditions of your financial institution or payment solution provider may apply, and that it may take longer for your refund to appear in your account once it is initiated.

(c) Cash refunds are not offered by us. You will receive your refund in 7 (seven) working days, depending on the payment method you choose. It occasionally takes longer for banks or other financial intermediaries to handle refund requests. However, you can get in touch with us and we'll be happy to assist you if the refund does not occur before the suggested date.

(d) Amounts spent for shipping or other similar fees that may occasionally apply are not included in refunds that will be given to the user. However, we may reimburse the shipping costs to you if a Product is delivered with a defect or damage (for reasons attributable to, and accepted by us after appropriate verification at its sole discretion). If you receive a non-returnable product that is damaged or faulty, you will receive a refund, pending our verification and inspection of the product's damage or defect.

(e) If, upon our inspection following a product's return, it does not meet the quality requirements outlined in this Policy, we reserve the right to reject a request for a refund. In these situations, we might let you know and ship the returned product back without starting the refund process.